Yorkshire Canary

The Yorkshire canary was raised in Bradford, hence its name. It is a canary of position, the result of the cross between the lancashire canary with the bossu obtaining a thin, long and small-headed bird. To improve this breed it crossed with the norwich and obtained canaries with the upright position and the body more filled.

Yorkshire Canary

Morphology and plumage of Yorkshire

The length of this bird is 17.5 centimeters. The head is large and plump and is fused with the neck and body in an almost continuous carrot-shaped line. It is a canary that has an upright position that forms a 135º angle between the imaginary line that joins the eye with the tail and the line of the legs. The legs are long and thin and are almost together. This canary is domestic, robust and lively and a good player.

The plumage is very attached to the body, for this reason it should be short, thin and hard. The common colors in this canary are: orange yellow, yellow, white, yellowish white and in lesser quantity we can find the green and varied.

Video song of the Yorkshire canary

The singing of this canary has little importance as it is a canary of position but the song is sonorous and pleasant.

Photos of yorkshire canaries

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