Canary harzer or roller

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The Canary Harzer or roller also called Harz Noble Canary or Canary Flute was bred by German breeders from the Harz Mountains region, 14 centimeters long, slender and slender body. It is the breed that most closely resembles the wild species, with a similar song. Its plumage is yellowish-green and straw yellow, with bushy and glued plumage. It is one of the canaries of singing, many think the best.

These canary birds were used as a warning system, to indicate the presence of poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide. Male roller canaries tend to sing prettier than female canaries.

What do roller canaries eat?

Its diet is mixed seeds, it is also good to give you vegetables and fruit from time to time. In our shop you will find different bag of food for canary and red wet dough that contain the necessary nutrients for a correct diet. The feeding of this bird could not be easier, since it consists of a mixture of different seeds, among which are 200 grams of rapeseed, 80 grams separated, 40 grams of oats, 20 grams of seeds of Niger and flax and 10 grams of lettuce seeds and poppy seeds. With this diet, prevent the animal from being overweight and health problems.

Harzer qualities

This canary sings with a closed beak, has a deep, melodic, strong and sound song of great quality and melodious with a song of great variety. It is a rustic bird, robust and magnificent for reproduction. Its diet is mostly rapeseed.

Video song of Canary Harzer or roller

Photos of the roller canary

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