hemp for canariy

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Seed with high protein content, rounded and bulky, the shade is greenish brown while still immature, when the development ends it turns pale. Frequent to have a hard cover, and can be offered to our birds in feeders partly subtly crushed, in short they realize how rich they will take it from their usual mixture. If we don’t have it in our mix, we have the possibility of providing hemp seed 2 to 3 times a week in small proportions.

It is an oleaginous seed, of good nutritional value, it is calorific and exciting. Good taste for the canaries, should be given with caution, is a little indigestible, correct for the molting and breeding. Parents like to feed their chicks with hemp seed. Boosts sexual burning in birds.

In small proportions it is very good, high consumption can lead to digestive problems and overweight due to the high fat content.

Hemp seed nutritional content

  • 10 gr de proteĆ­nas 
  • 29,5 gr de grasas 
  • 26 gr de carbohidratos 
  • 250 calorĆ­as

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