Laying and fake eggs

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The canary begins to lay eggs between 2 and 6 days after fertilization. Females always lay one egg a day but sometimes the laying continues after 1, 2 or 3 days interval.

The setting usually takes place at dawn, between six and nine. The number of eggs usually varies between 3 and 5, although sometimes 2 or 6 are laid, in exceptional cases and limited to the most robust and prolific breeds, can be laid of 8 or 9 eggs.

The laying of a single egg is a symptom of poor physical conditions. In the wild the cane begins incubation after finishing the laying. In domestic state, on the other hand, they tend to start it after laying the second or third egg, as a result, the eggs laid after the start of incubation open lately with respect to the others, and the chicks that leave them are disadvantage that can easily determine faulty growth or even death.

To avoid this risk it is good to turn to nests, also known as fake eggs. These plastic eggs do not look at all like those of the Canaries, but the fact is of no importance because the birds do not notice the difference.

Each morning a nest is placed in the place of the real egg, which must be carefully removed and stored in a cotton-lined box. When the appearance of the blue egg signals the end of the laying, the nests will be removed and the real eggs will be put back in place, opening them all the same day. Important warning: the real eggs that have been removed from the nest must be returned to it once or twice a day to prevent the yolk from finally sticking inside the shell and preventing the embryo from developing. The place where they are preserved must be slightly damp so that the eggs do not lose some of their inner moisture.

If the replacement of the real eggs with the false ones is done in the early morning or at sunset, it is more likely that the opening will occur by day than is preferable rather than at night.

Video replacing eggs to the Canary Islands

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