Red factor canary

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The red-factor canary is hybrid that crossed with exotic birds, which after mating created this red bird that you love so much. This breed is a Saxon derivative that are identical, except for the red color of this fantastic bird.

Red factor canary

It should be clarified that the red plumage in the ancestral canary does not exist, by including red pigments to its diet they acquire it, if they remove them lose that characteristic. It is quite common to cross them with Venezuelan cardinal, bird with red birth feathers.

cardinal of venezuela.
cardinal of venezuela.

This bird is 14 centimeters long as the common canary, the plumage is thick and glued. It has three types of red orange, reddish orange and orange, which are divided into two groups light and dark background. The light background is lipochromic type (fatty pigment, which provides the background color to the plumage of all birds) The dark background is divided into four types: bronze, brown, agate and yellowish white.

Canary red factor price

Today it is easy to find a red factor canary for sale at a very good price you can find them both in a conventional store and on the Internet at a price of 18 to 50 euros. There are more and more breeders of this variety and it makes it easy to find. The Canary red factor has several shades or intensities of color, so that no sample is the same as another. It is one of the colors most sought after by fans, along with yellow, as its aesthetics is truly amazing.

Red factor canary feeding

Your fruit and vegetable diet is important for you to be in good health. Feeding with colored foods to achieve the intense red pigment are: peppers, cherries, cayenne pepper, beetroot and any other natural red food will help change the color of this bird, you can also give red paste. Color feeding should begin around the moulting time, when the canary is producing new feathers. The color will not appear in the feathers that are already in the body of the bird.

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What is the red factor?

The red factor is an enzymatic system, that is, a biocatalyst that some birds have, tropical birds with a red background and those without others, those with a yellow background. In order to obtain red canaries, it is necessary to introduce this enzymatic equipment in the native species, and such a biochemical miracle could only be achieved through hybridization with tropical red-bottomed birds; achieving hybridizations with the possibility of progeny is difficult.

Red factor canary song video

The soundy and pleasant song similar to that of the Saxon is not of the same quality, although very similar. It is easy to raise and reproduce. The difficulty is to select specimens with the characteristics that we want for our bird.

Canarian images of red factor

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