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A good cage is indispensable to have happy and active birds, because it is where they will live and stay all the time. We recommend cages at least 60 centimeters long, so that they can jump from stick to stick and maintain optimal health and strong and healthy legs. On this page you will also find cages for breeding canaries.

Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage, White

This great breeding cage has a grid separator and opaque. It has two front doors and two side doors that offer us the possibility of placing external nests at each end of the cage. The tray and grille are removable for easy cleaning. The cage is made of good material, the grilles are zinc-plated wire of great strength and durability. Measurements are 30 x 18 x 18 inches. This is one of the cages for canaries with good value for money.

Birdcage – Canary Bird Cage

It is a very large and beautiful cage recommended to have 3 or more birds. It is easy to assemble with dimensions 36 x 14 x 18 inches ; 9.7 pounds. Includes 4 hangers, 4 plastic feeders, 1 swing and 1 removable plastic tray. It also has 4 side doors to accommodate plastic feeders, for food and water changes. It is made of metal and plastic the weight is 5.4 Kg.

Vision Bird Cage Model M02 – Medium

This cage is easy to assemble, has available space of three to five canaries, is made mainly of plastic. A cage with a good distribution of space, in which the canary can fly freely. As an inconvenience we can emphasize that the floor and grilles are not removable and the cage cannot be hung.

Bellas Bungalow Breeding Bird Cage

A spacious and sturdy cage measures are: 38″W X 10.5″D X 15″H. It is made for breeding, weaning and moulting all kinds of small and medium-sized birds such as agapornis, parakeets, canaries, tropical, wild or exotic. Divisible into 2, 3 or 4 equal parts if desired, by opaque and grid separator or use it as a single cage. It has 4 front doors and 4 side doors ideal for placing nests or outdoor bathtubs. It has removable trays and racks so cleaning is more comfortable and simple. The cage comes with feeders and sticks.

Buy the best cage for canaries on this page, we have taken into account the score and comments of the buyers to have the best selection of cages.

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