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The breeders of the Parisian curlare are from Paris, also called the curly canary of Paris, raised their own curly from the north with the aim of getting their own canary, to obtain larger specimens and called it Parisian, which is the breed of canary of greater size that exists.

Colorful Parisian curly

Find out more about this curly-position canary

This canary is undoubtedly the largest, ranging from 20 to 22 centimeters. The body is solid with an upright port, there are also shrinks but are less popular than the upright. The head is small relative to the body, the wings are long and the tail is also long, straight, homogeneous, robust and with the square end. The legs are sturdy and are largely covered with feathers, the claws have twisted nails like corkscrews.

The plumage is bushy and curly can be of fine, common and hard type. The color of this bird can be golden yellow, straw yellow, green or white with uniform dyes or with spots.

The song more or less similar to that of the common canary with less propensity to the song, has little importance since the important thing of this canary is curling and size.

The characteristics of this great bird.

It is a quiet canary, because of its size it is obligatory to have a large cage to make it comfortable. The Parisian is a delicate bird, reproduction is not easy, also breeding is difficult. In our shop you will find nests and carriers of various types to start raising this splendid bird.

Video singing of Parisian curly

Parisian curly images

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