Grit for canaries

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Food and water contain mineral substances, but not in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of the domestic canary. To give minerals to the canaries, we put at your free disposal a container with natural earth adding beach sand. The canaries ingest both the earth and the sand, not only to obtain their mineral substances, also to facilitate their own digestion with the piedrecillas and grains of the earth and sand, hard bodies that facilitate the crushing of food.

Jibia bone

The jibia bone is indispensable for canaries and should never be lacking in their cages due to its great supply of minerals and calcium. It can be stund between the cage bars or a specific bracket.

Coal for canaries

The charcoal for canaries is an optimal mineral supplement, intestinal disinfectant as it is an effective absorbent of abnormal fermentations so it improves the digestion of the bird. It is therefore useful especially during the breeding phase of nests. It can be supplied in a separate feeder or mixed with other supplements. It should be noted that in colored breeds it is ttoel and rationalize the amount of carbon, since it absorbs the pigments that they ingest to give the characteristic color to their feathers.

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