Water for the drink of the canaries

The water for the drink of the canaries should always have at your disposal a drinker full of fresh water. Unfortunately in our day tap water is less and less suitable for canaries, because they have a strong chlorine flavor. Substance with which water is disinfected.

canae drinker

It is recommended that non-gas mineral water be used or tap water is purified by filtering it. The drinking water from the canaries can be conveniently disinfected with a piece of raw garlic or with a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar.

The water remaining in the drinker, especially if it is exposed to the sun in the warm months, tends to form a kind of gelatinous layer, sometimes a greenish color, so a basic rule is to renew the water of the drinkers every day , after rinsing them thoroughly. If you want to buy good drinkers for your canaries we recommend you take a look at our shop.

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