Tray or bath box for canaries

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Trays or bath boxes are very important in the cleanliness and health of the canary. There are different models with reasonable prices and qualities, they are usually made of plastic.

Parrot Bath Box Bird Cage Accessory Supplies Bathing Tub for Brids Canary Budgies Parrot (Random Color)

 The good tub for canaries that has hooks to make it easy to install, can be hung in any cage. To keep the bird clean and healthy. It is made of plastic (PVC of food quality), is not toxic and of good quality, which makes it quite durable. Size of 5.31*4.92*5.12 in No leak artcraft,which is also Environmental friendly, you may rest assure of giving your pet playing and taking bath without concering the floor messup.

Bath bird bath bird Accessory for Pet Supplies Bathing Tub Bath Box for Birds

The canary instinctively has a natural desire to bathe, so it is very important that you provide a bath for your bird to enjoy. The base of the bath can be easily separated from the upper half, making it easy to clean the bathtub. The covered bath will help prevent water from splashing, while you can see your canary bathe, as it is transparent. It is made of high quality plastic, is non-toxic and is eco-friendly. Bathroom suitable for small birds such as canaries. The color you receive may not be the same as shown in the image. The size is 14 x 15.6 x 13.8cm. EASY INSTALLATION WITH CLIP & EASY CLEAN – Use the durable clips,which is suitable for most birdcage,and you just wash the box with water directly, KINDLY NOTED NOT FOR USE WITH ROUND OR CURVED WALL CAGES.

Caged Bird Bath Multi Cage Bird Bath Covered for Small Brids Canary

Bath for canaries, semicircular, 13.5 x 13 x 12.5cm, is easy to clean. Product of high quality and economical price. The manufacturer provides us with this product in random colors. The canary bathes without falling water out of the bathtub or splashing.

Penn Plax Clip-On Bird Bath – Comes With Universal Clips to Attach to Most Birdcages, 5.5 x 5.75 x 3.75 Inches

This unique item from the Bird Life line is a quick and easy way to provide your bird with a dedicated bird bath for their cage. Each bird bath features universal hanging clips that secure the bath to virtually any cage. The all plastic construction of the universal bird bath provides reliable operation for years to come and is crafted entirely from non-toxic materials that are safe for you and your bird.

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