Toys and entertainment for canaries

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To ensure that cage birds are happy, toys should be provided and replaced regularly to avoid boredom (which can lead to aggression and pecking). Toys should be built safely (without sharp edges or parts where the legs of the birds can become entangled).

Most people keep males and females in separate cages, except during the breeding season. When buying canaries for pets, great care must be taken to ensure the correct combination of sexes in a cage. A mistake can cause birds to attack even to the extent that they can kill each other.

In general, canaries as pets generally do not appreciate the company in the same cage. They will be seen as intruders, not as partners. The resulting conflict is likely to cause injury or even death. A male and a female have a better chance of getting along, but all too often the less dominant bird will die. This is because the dominant bird will feel the need to constantly monitor the less dominant bird. You can never eat, sleep or drink in peace, and eventually stress will have its price.

If there is a bird in the house and a companion is bought, it must be kept in a separate cage for at least a couple of weeks, both for quarantine and to ensure that the Canaries get used to each other; The new bird can be introduced gradually to ensure that no fighting occurs. A man and a woman will often feel good if they present in this way, but they should not stay together all year. Everyone should be allowed to have some privacy, at least during the middle of the winter season until the beginning of the breeding season in early spring.

Very rarely two males will be happy together, although keeping them permanently in separate cages will lead them to compete with the other male, making them sing more than they probably would alone. But a good Canarian recording of songs works just as well. A cage with several canaries can work while there are no canaries. But once again, they should not be expected to live in peace throughout the year, and each one should be separated in an individual cage during at least the spring / early summer season.

Male canaries can imitate sounds such as ringtones and ringtones, but only if they hear these sounds when they are small. The Canary can learn tricks over time, but it requires a lot of patience since they are quite shy birds.