Tips for having a pet canary

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The tips to have a pet canary will have to take into account that they are not birds of various care, that is why they are birds appropriate for those families who want to have a first animal in their care. A canary well-off can live up to 15 years. If you decide to have a canary, the first thing you have to carry out is to acquire a very large bird cage, with plenty of horizontal space because they require enough space to fly every day and thus sustain an optimal state of health.

Tips for having a pet canary

It should be noted that the canary cage does not have a division between bars greater than 12mm. It is also important to note that the cage is equipped with safe toys to keep them entertained. The canaries are very strong and fit a huge temperature range, but it is always preferable to hold the cage taken care of air currents or air conditioning, so when ventilating a room you have to remember to move the cage to another room. In addition, you have to remember the circumstance of the cage knowing its exposure to the sun so that the canary does not suffer an overheating.

The nutrition of the canary lies mainly in canary seed bars, also known as bird chucheries and canary feed. It should be noted that there are several types of food for birds. As a complement, fruits and hard-boiled pieces of egg could be provided from time to time in relation. There are several types of canaries, but there is a wide variety of colored canaries. Which get the color by means of crosses such as white, red, yellow and any of their compositions.

Males have a more interesting voice than females in this way as a larger repertoire, and stop singing when the season of mute?translation comes?. With these tips we assume that before you acquire a canary it will be easier to understand its pretenments and develop a correct space. This way you take into account your nutrition to have a healthy canary.