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Cages for canaries

A good cage is indispensable to have happy and active birds, because it is where they will live and stay ...
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Big cage

large cage for canaries

They offer a spacious place to exercise, fly and play, as well as ease of cleaning and the assurance that ...
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Canary Books

If you are interested in acquiring knowledge about canaries, it is ideal to buy a good book that informs you ...
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Canary sand

The sand in the cages of the canaries serves for greater hygiene, so that the birds will avoid many diseases ...
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Medicines for canaries

It is important to have medicines for canaries, especially for when they are with the moult, because that is when ...
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Swing for canaries

The swing is a cage accessory with the only mission of amusing the canary, so they sing longer and better ...
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Nest and holder for canaries

Bird's nest nest Handmade cotton fabric Hemp rope The cotton rope Bird nest is great for nest building.or Small birds ...
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Tray or bath box

Tray or bath box for canaries

Trays or bath boxes are very important in the cleanliness and health of the canary. There are different models with ...
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Slats for canaries

Slats are paramount to the health of the legs, as they spend most of their lives on them. They are ...
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Drinkers for canaries

A good drinker is vital as it provides water to the canary, it is not indispensable that it is very ...
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Canary feeders

It is essential that the feeder is easy to handle when placing it inside the cage as outside, and at ...
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Food for canaries

Food for canaries

It is important to give you quality food according to your breed, such as mixing seeds or breeding paste. On ...
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In our shop for Canarian birds you will find the best products for canaries, which we have valued for their quality and price, in this way taking into account the ratings of users that are important to know the pros and cons of all the products of our shop.

We have added different products in each of the categories of our store the variety is important to choose the most suitable for your bird. We have accessories for cages that although they are expendable are highly recommended for the health and well-being of the canary for a little money we can have a happy canary that sings a lot and well.

Easy-to-get canary accessory

The products of the store that are most difficult to obtain are the swings we only recommend two in our store, since many swings there are for parrots that we do not recommend because the sticks are very wide for these birds and can have long-term problems. The slats are difficult to get as the right ones for the canary is oval in shape so that the bird has a good grip and easy to remove and put to clean them if necessary.

Why buy products in our store?

In our shop for canarian birds we have added the most recommended and necessary objects for the canarian birds and taking into cost the needs of this bird and also the price and quality is important to us. The canary shop that cares most about your bird having the best products.