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The beginning of the reproduction considered by many orniculters is March 19. Canisaries must be prevented from nesting more than 2 times a year. It is very important that the canaries have natural light, a pleasant temperature and maintain a good diet so that the canaries enter in heat at the right time. The entry into heat of the breeders can be advanced or delayed making appropriate use of certain foods such as canemon seeds, bold and nabina vegetables and fruit such as watermelon. You may also be given vitamin E without exaggerating the dose.

Problems with fertilisation and laying

If the female does not lay eggs it may be due to poor physical condition, advanced age or excess fat. In the event that the eggs are not fertilized it may be due to a poor physical condition of one or the two canaries, advanced age of the male, in the youth of one or both breeders, environmental problems lack of light, sun and lack of good food. It can also happen that the female has not mated with the male, so it is important to have information about the mating of canaries.

If the canary has laid shellless eggs it must be isolated and fed with nutritious and balanced substances such as fresh vegetables and foods rich in vitamins A and D

unshelled canary egg
Unshelled canary egg

When breeders eat their own eggs

Sometimes pieces of shell are found in the nest instead of a whole egg. It is usually the male who breaks it, and so it must be separated if you want to save the rest of the nita. But the female may also be to blame in that case, there is no choice but not to use it as a breeder. The tendency to eat your own eggs is usually due to food shortages, remedying which the problem should disappear, unless what was initially abnormal behavior induced by specific physiological demands is transform into a real vice that can no longer be solved.

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