Spanish Timbrado canary

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He was raised by Spaniards, making crosses with other breeds of singing, until he got the Spanish ringing also called Canary of the country. It gained international recognition in 1962.

The ringing has a length of 13 centimeter, is similar in its morphology to the common canary, is slender with a slightly arched pore, its plumage thick and glued. The colors of the Spanish ringare are yellow, green, yellow-green and white.

The characteristics is of a robust bird, rustic, domestic and good breeding bird, making it easy to breed. The canaries are of many colors, the most common are green, yellow and gray. A good diet for this bird is a mixture of grains composed of 50% canaryseed, 25% rapeseed and 25% of other seeds. The seeds with which they feed: canaryseed, nabina, nerillo, flaxseed, reeds, oats and radish.

They can be included: apple, cucumber, figs, orange and lettuce. As far as Spanish ringing is concerned, they eat germinated seeds, breeding paste, boiled egg, breadcrumbs and grated sponge cake.

The singing of the Spanish ring

Rich in clear, high, resonant and metallic notes and also in low tones with a very harmonious song, one of its singing forms is the castañeado, because it reminds the sound of castanets. There are also these forms of singing that of bells, sewers, slow water, semi-linked water. In short it has a fresh, strong and loud song that does not disappoint anyone.

Spanish ringing singing video

Sound of the ringing is considered of the best birds its two great competitors are roller canaries and malinois. Just enjoy your melody in the video below.

Best way to take care of your canary

The first thing you should know about this species as a pet is the food you should give. Each caregiver makes their own decisions about what is the best food for this bird. There are those who choose a simple diet that consists only of bird seeds, but others give them salad and apple.

But if you are young, it is better to give a mixture of seeds that consists of bird seeds, nabina, nerillo, flax seeds, hemp seeds, oats and radishes. But that is not the only food that can be given to them, because you also have to give them other foods such as dandelions that the canary likes a lot, as well as some fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, figs, orange and, of course, the Tomorrow and the salad. Wild plants such as dandelion may be part of your diet, but it is good to give others such as whooping tissue, nettle, banana or shepherd’s bag.

There is a very common mistake when locating the cage of the canary which is to place it on the balcony or in the kitchen gallery. And that is a big mistake, because it is the main cause of death of this bird. It is better to place it in the living room, in an area free of drafts and where it can be warm in winter and cool in summer. When it’s summer, if you put a glass of water in the cage, you’ll love being able to shower and cool off.

Photos of Spanish ringer

These are one of the most famous canarys worldwide for how beautiful they are, which many consider the best canary.

Canario timbrado español

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