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The curly canary of the south was bred in France, it is a hybrid of the crossing of the northern curly with the canary bossu, obtaining the two traits of both races. The curly plumage, the shape and position of the bird, makes it of great interest to sports breeders.

Yellow South Curly

The length of this peculiar canary is 16 to 17 centimeters. The head is small and oval with a thin neck and tilted forward. The body is upright in the shape of 7 and the legs are long without feathers.

Feathering and singing of this curly canary of the south

The colors of this bird are yellow, green and white. The plumage of this breed is smooth and compact on the head, neck, thighs, underbelly and subcola. On the neck, back and chest is curly, better if it is symmetrical. The singing of this canary is scarce but it is clear. Breeders appreciate this bird for the curlofing feathers and body shape.

The characteristics of the southern curly canary

They are very delicate birds and sensitive to cold, they can have defects such as the scarcity of curls and lack of stiffness in the legs. Many take on a very forced posture that they cannot maintain so they look for where to hold as the bars of the cage. For this bird we recommend this seed blend which is special for canaries.

Video song of the southern curly

Southern Curly Photos

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