Seeds for canaries

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Canaries like many seed species, although the most commonly used for feeding are always the same, making them easier to find in shops. It is very normal and suitable to make seed mixtures. There are specific mixtures for each breed of canary, for the time of year, young and moulting, taking into account whether it is a canary of color, singing or position.

Types of seeds for canaries

What seeds to give to a canary if it is at its right weight or not?

If a canary is too fat, the dose of ajenuz, rapeseed, cane, lint and poppy will have to be reduced a bit. If you are too thin, you will need to increase the amount of seeds that have been named above.

Mix for non-singing canaries

  • Alpiste 35%
  • Ajenuz 20%
  • Panizo 10%
  • Rape 10%
  • Cane 5%
  • Thistle 5%
  • Linaza 5%

Mix for Harzer and Malinois canaries

  • Rape 60%
  • Alpiste 20%
  • Ajenuz 5%
  • Cane 5%
  • Oatmeal 5%
  • Poppy 3%
  • Linseed 1%
  • Lettuce 1%

Ring mix ringing

  • Alpiste 50%
  • Rape 25%
  • Ajenuz 10%
  • Cane 5%
  • Oatmeal 5%
  • Poppy 3%
  • Linseed 1%
  • Lettuce 1%

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