Saxon or common canary

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The Saxon or common canary is a domestic bird and one of the best known companion animals in the world, descended from the wild canary that was bred in captivity by the Spaniards, Italians and Germans. It is 14 centimeters long, the plumage is dense and glued in green, gray, brown and yellow, its predominant color is yellow but you can obtain other colors such as red, giving it food with red pigments, for example peppers and moist paste It helps maintain pigmentation.

Feature of the common canary

The genus of this bird is serinus, which are small birds that many breeders have crossed with other breeds and obtained hybrid or half Blood birds.

Saxon or yellow common canary

The Saxon canary has a very strong, pleasant, sound, melodious and resonant trill similar to the goldfinch. It is an easy canary to breed because it is a very strong bird and a great breeder. This bird likes to bathe and spend time in its toilet, so we recommend you take a look at the trays or bath boxes that we recommend.

Video of the common canary’s song

It is a good songbook but is not considered a canary of singing.

Photos of the common canary

This bird is a canary of color that has beautiful feathers and its slender porte so it has this category.

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  2. Joyce MuehringNovember 29, 2020 at 4:31 amReply

    Where are you located and is the bird a singer.we want a common singer.text me at 573-541-9909. And how much is it?

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