Red mite in canary birds

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It is the most frequent parasite in cage birds. It can also be introduced into the hatchery through accessories purchased at the birdhouses and poorly disinfected.

 Red mites
Red mites 

These mites are grayish in color but turn red and swell when they suck the blood of the canaries. They spend the night among the feathers and during the day they take refuge in any corner of the cage or the breeding place. Tiny dark spots attached to these corners betray their presence, but where it is easier to locate them is in the hollow slats, which are their favorite place to take refuge.

It is necessary to immediately carry out an energetic disinfection of cages, premises and accessories with a specific insecticide for ornithology, also spraying it on the canaries. The disinfection should be repeated for several days, after which periodic checks will be carried out to verify that the mites have definitely disappeared

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