Portuguese harlequin canary

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This Canarian bird is the result of the improvement through the selection of the old Canarian overlays raised in Portugal plus the specification of the red mosaic factor. It was officially approved by COM at the 58th Matosinhos Championship, Portugal 2010. The Portuguese harlequin is a medium-sized bird of 16 ct. It has an elongated body, thin and smooth, with a light chest and uniformly rounded, with a back aligned with the tail.

The wings should be long, attached to the body and without crossing, joining the tail. The breed consists of specimens that have a bun or tuft and those without a bow or smooth head. Colored birds have three head-shaped horns on the head (two angles on the back and one virtual) that emerge from the top of the head and then fall symmetrically without covering the eyes or the beak. Those without a bow have a smooth head, narrower and elongated, and are wider behind than in the front.

Photos of Portuguese harlequin canaries

Ā Videos

Technical sheet of the Portuguese harlequin canary

Portuguese harlequin

Arlequin Portuguese AOLI CONTEST OF THE ISLAND 2014

Portuguese harlequin. 2018 Juan Buzon GĆ³mez

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