Parathyphosis in canarium

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This is a deadly disease that attacks the canaries. The symptoms that manifest are: bristly plumage, inactive bird and decay. The most obvious symptom occurs in the eyes. Most of the time they will be closed and with a hectic breath.

If your canary has parathyphosis, you will need to wash the cage daily. On the other hand, for each liter of water you will add 2 g of iron sulfate. How to avoid parathyphosis: You must change the water of the Canary birds every day and clean the aviary frequently.

paratyphosis in canaries


Same as salmonellosis, food in poor condition.


Loss of singing, appetite and vivacity; excessive thirst; green diarrhea.


Veterinary diagnosis and antibiotic therapy. Combined use of chloramphenicol and tetramycline is the most used.

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