Paduan or Padovano canary

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Origin and size of this bird.

The canario paduano or padovano is a bird resulting from the cross between Parisian and Saxon. He was raised by Italians in the city of Padua after the Second World War. The variety of specimens can have great differences, but all with curly feathers and bun. The minimum length of this bird is 18 centimeters, it is an upright bird, the legs are stretched with regular nails, the tail is straight well formed and gallows.

White Yellow Padua canaries

The plumage, features and singing that does not disappoint.

The most colorful thing about this canary is undoubtedly the bun that is round, bushy, regular and well centered and often different color of the feathers of the body. Breeders usually mate one canary with a bow with another without bows. This breed looks a lot like the curlofes of color.

The Canario Paduano are stronger birds than the Parisian, they need large cages for good reproduction. To get a good specimen is an arduous task. The song is similar to that of the common canary but is less cantor and with better quality.

Video of the canario canario Paduano or padovano

Photos of canary padovano

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