Norwich Canary

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The Norwich Canary was formerly considered a canary of color. Over time it was considered that it was more accurate to name it as a canary of form and position.

Yellow Norwich Canary

Norwich standard

The ideal length for this breed is 16 centimeters, it is a plump canary, with a thick round head supported by a wide and short neck. The body is small and wide chest and shoulders. The tail is short and serrated, its legs are small thrown back.

The plumage of this bird is fine, silky, strong and very close, the usual colors are: yellow and yellow-orange. The canaries of yellowish white, green and the varied are less common. It has a fresh and sonorous song, very pleasant but being a canary of position has little relevance.

Norwich is a domestic canary, vigorous, quiet and sociable. A spacious cage is recommended so that they can fly at ease and to strengthen their wings. It is also very sensitive and it is highly recommended to give you medications in moulting times. Reproduction is complicated because it is difficult to get optimal specimens. Excessively long or short legs are considered a serious defect for norwich, these birds are discarded from reproduction.

Video song of the Norwich Canary

Photos of canary norwich

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