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This bird called northern curl was bred by the French and called it Dutch from the north, because its curly feathers reminded the appearance of the real trumpets.

Photos of northern curly canary

It is the most showy curly canary, for its abundant curly feathers and for having a slender porte.

The length of this canary is between 16 and 18 centimeters, the body is elongated and remains upright. The neck of the northern curl is thin, the legs are long with claws and nails not twisted. The tail is narrow and well proportioned.

The plumage of the northern curly canary

The most common color is yellow of different shades, to a lesser extent with yellowish green, white and white spots. The most important and striking thing about this canary is the curl of its feathers in the pectoral area, the plumage is smooth on the head, neck and under the belly.

Song and features of this canary

The song is similar to that of the common canary, but it sings less time. The characteristics of this breed is curly plumage, it is a delicate bird and reproduction is very difficult when compared to other breeds of canaries. It is important that you eat fruit and vegetables for remarkable growth. The northern canary also eats seed mixture like many canaries so we recommend these types of feeders that make it easier for them to eat well and cleanly so that their curly feathers do not get dirty.

Video singing of the northern curl

Northern Curly Photos

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