Melado Canary

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The melado canary was created in Tenerife, the result of the crossing of the wild canary with the Canarian Hamburg. It is a fairly young breed of canary, it was discovered in 1989.

Melado Canary

The world’s ugliest canary

Like canaries of position like the gibber italicus, canary bossu and curly of the south the melon has a forced posture that many find ugly. Its length is 18 centimeters, the plumage is compact and silky, with smooth feathers and some well bulky curly. The most common color of this bird is yellow but it supports many other colors. Its wings are long and attached to the body, as are its legs which are also quite long when compared to those of other canaries. Its bill is quite strong and allows it to peck at the vegetables and fruit without much complications.

Very fragile canary

A bird that by its forced shape in 7 and sometimes in 1 makes it fragile and difficult to breed, so you have to take special care in your diet, which must consist of mixture of seeds being recommended canaryseed, wormwood, bread, rapeseed, oats, oats , reed, thistle and flaxseed. It is also advisable to give you vegetables that should be washed and completely dry.

Images of melado canary

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