Medicines for canaries

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It is important to have medicines for canaries, especially for when they are with the moult, because that is when the bird is most fragile.

Tabernil AD3E 20ml (breeding vitamins for birds and cage-birds)

Vitamin contribution in oral solution for canaries. It helps canaries and other common species to get into heat. Composition: vitamins A, D3 and E. Administer weakened birds in the course and convalescence of any disease. The needs of vitamins and methionine in the Canary Islands and other birds of adornment are increased at certain times of their life, such as the first days of reproduction, growth, feathers, molt, reproduction, infectious and parasitic diseases, stress states, etc.

Vl Oropharma Ferti-vit Bird Singing & Fertility 200g

Vitamin supplement for the breeding of birds. Strengthens the canary for better reproduction.

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