Food for canaries

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It is important to give you quality food according to your breed, such as mixing seeds or breeding paste. On this page you have the best selection for your canary.

Incredible Canary Blend, Natural Food for Canaries 

Traditional economic blend suitable for all canaries, a quality food very suitable for canarian cantores such as malinois or harzer. Is the perfect blend of nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and herbs, providing optimal nutrition for all canaries necessary to maintain health and longevity, vibrant color and remarkable plumage.

Sleek & Sassy Garden Canary Bird Food

Highly vitaminized seed blend, of excellent quality and good price. With flaxseed for a bright and silky plumage and a high energy content all Natural Ingredients.

Quality seed of certified Canadian origin. Ideal for all kinds of birds. Low in fat and high in carbohydrates. It is the most consumed seed by canaries and is the fundamental basis of many seed blends.

Buy the best food for canaries on this page, we have taken into account the score and comments of the buyers to have the best selection of food for canaries.