large cage for canaries

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They offer a spacious place to exercise, fly and play, as well as ease of cleaning and the assurance that they are well maintained. It is ideal for aclyding groups of 10-12 canaries. A practical tip is to use many short sticks instead of a few lengths, commming them in the same area of the wall, so they have more space to fly without obstacles.

Large bird cage

It is a big cage for canaries, with plenty of space for several birds, a large front door, removable tray making it very easy to clean. It incorporates wheels with safety lock instead of legs, facilitating easy movement. The grid is metallic and the aviary is made of polypropylene plastic, a non-toxic material. Bring all the necessary accessories for your birds and it takes about 30 minutes to ride. It is cheaper, gray and has a small roof that makes it easier for rain and moisture to slide through it and not end up inside the flywheel.

MCombo 70″ Outdoor Aviary Bird Cage Wood Vertical Play House 0011

The cleaning plate is removable for easy cleaning. The sanded bitumen plate roof is ideal as a heat insulator. On the front it has 2 doors. The dimensions of the bulkhead are 35.4″(L)×69″(H)×25.6″(W), it comes without feeder and drinker. It is made of softwood wood and is easy to assemble. This is a perfect unit for someone who has a few birds, but still needs to minimize the space that the cage will be using.

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