Ā Incubation

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The incubation of canary eggs lasts thirteen days and during this period. Expert breeders usually carry out discrete controls. To verify that the shells are not broken or smeared with excrement and to make the observation to the light.

Ā canary incubating

Incubation is performed by the female. The male during this period provides him with food. It distracts her with her singing, replaces her on the eggs during the brief departures she makes throughout the day. Sometimes he makes company next to the nest. other males disregard the female, but, if not bother her, they serve at least to distract her with his presence.

f the male bothers the female, it is necessary to separate them, even knowing that doing so runs the risk that the canary, deprived of her partner, may interrupt the incubation.

A few hours of interruption of the incubation process may be sufficient to jeopardize the opening. That is why the Canary Islands that are incubating should be disturbed as little as possible, especially at night, when, if the light is turned on in the nursery, the female can decide to leave the nest because of hunger. If the breeder then turns off the light before the female returns, the result is the loss of the nest.Ā 

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