How to use oregano for canaries?

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Oregano, commonly used in mediterranean cuisine, is an aromatic herb with several beneficial uses popular with canaries. Recent some animal studies have shown that oregano boosts the immune system, assists in regulating blood sugar scenarios, and has significant antioxidant scenarios. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasite characteristics.

Liquid oregano for canaries is one of the best options to manage oregano easily with your bird.

 Dried oregano
Dried oregano 

A crumble of dried oregano leaves sprinkled on top of the seeds or pasta day after day. To each a few occasions per week is enough to produce a remarkable increase in the scenarios of activity in healthy birds and decayed birds seem to do better considerably. Through the use of oregano to encourage parents’ appetite for nutrition, chicks may be fed with greater continuity and grow faster.

Quickon Med is a popular herbal-like remedy and an enormously concentrated oregano product is used to treat negative bacteria, coccidia, streptococci, parasites and fungal infections.

Nutritional and properties of oregano

Dry oregano is a food rich in vitamin K given that 100 g. they have inside 621.70 ug. of vitamin K. This food also has a high proportion of vitamin E. The proportion of vitamin E it has is 18.86 mg per 100 g. With a ratio of 50 mg per 100 grams, dried oregano is also one of the edibles with more vitamin C. It is very prominent in nutrients. In addition to those mentioned above, dried oregano is also a very abundant food in vitamin B9 (274 ug. Per 100 g.) And vitamin B6 (1.21 mg. Per 100 g.) And vitamin A (690.30 ug. per 100 g.) and magnesium (270 mg. per 100 g.) and zinc (4.43 mg. per 100 g.) and potassium (1669 mg. per 100 g.) and fiber (42.80 g. per 100 g.), calcium (1576 mg. per 100 g.) and iron (44 mg. per 100 g.).