Homemade elaboration of brood paste for canaries

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The homemade pasta for canaries is the one that is elaborated in a manual or classic way. Since ancient times this kind of pasta is used to carry out the youngsters, among their benefits they emphasize that it is very much of the taste of the players. Therefore they consume it many times while also feeding the young with it, on the other hand they are cheaper.

Ā Homemade elaboration of brood paste for canaries
Homemade elaboration of brood paste for canariesĀ 

They have the problem that being a homemade product, it is more complicated to monitor the nutrients that canary pups need in their development stage, they are also more susceptible to expire quickly, even it is a fresh ready that as such can be contaminated In a simple way, negatively affecting the health of the Canaries, it is not the preferable alternative to offer it to older specimens in the form of care.

Each breeder has his corresponding way of making his recipe according to the pretensions of his birds. You have the possibility to use the next ingredients:

  • Cooked egg (either chopped or ground)
  • Bread crumbs
  • Two cookies also ground
  • Couscous (needs to be soaked with water to make it soft)
  • Oatmeal (first soak to soften)
  • Broccoli (it is important that it is crushed)
  • A little bit of brood paste for commercial canaries – Some seeds such as black or related to encourage birds to peck.

All the elements are intercalated forming a mass that must be very loose, not much that sticks, an effect that occurs when the elements have a lot of water, this can cause that the major canaries do not eat it.