Gibber italicus

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The gibber italicus is a bird that resembles the curly of the south. It is no coincidence because they were reproduced by Italian breeders of the southern curl, who tried to get better specimens of this breed. Their few differences are in the plumage.

Gibber italicus yellow

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The length is 14 to 15 centimeters, slightly smaller than the southern curl. The head is small and oval, the wings are long, the tail is narrow and it remains perpendicular. The legs are long, stiff and without feathers, with a malformation in the form of 7 product of a degenerative process.

This bird breed is a curly posture canary that has almost no feathers with curls in parts like the shoulder. The colors vary to yellow, green, yellowish white and with green or yellowish white spots. They are little songbirds, a circumstance that matters little in this breed.

Features of this canary

This bird moves a lot because of the bad posture they have and they cling to the bars of the cage for even hours. They are very fragile canaries and prone to diseases because they have little plumage and a forced and degenerative posture, make them difficult to breed.

Video song of the gibber italicus

Gibber italicus images

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  2. CaroleSeptember 6, 2019 at 4:41 amReply

    Whomever breeds these poor birds to live this way should be jailed. Cruel people in this world….

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