The Canary Bird Business

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Today, the canaries, the primordial breed of birds with which he works, are not only his passion and primordial pastime, but a way to earn a living. Like him, another 10,000 people across the island breed well over 30 species of birds for sale, according to data from the National Ornithological Organization. Although the sale of wild birds is prohibited, custom is the order of the day in most squares where passionate novices gather.


A regular copy can cost about 25 euros, but an amazing competition cantor has the possibility of being priced at about 400 euros. The most professional have set up businesses near this habit and are in charge of teaching the singing of newly caught birds.

Breeding canaries and birds generally became a growing business and in very productive opportunities and that led quite people to know this habit as a productive business. The special examples of canaries have the possibility of being sold by the breeders themselves and several others of them are marketed through the pet shops or haystacks.