Canary malinois or waterslager

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The canary Malinois or waterslager is a bird raised mainly in Methene and Antwerp, where it is called waterslager(water sound). Its size is between 14 and 15 centimeters in length, it is longer and slender than the common canary, slightly hunched mostly when singing, with the wings lowered and the tail slightly open. Its beak is bigger and cone-shaped. It has a sharper bite than other canaries, black and bright eyes.

Canary malnois or yellow waterslager

The plumage is bushy and glued. They are mostly yellow with white specks. If they have green spots they are said to be worse singing. The singing of this type of canary is varied, crystalline and harmonious with a wide variety of bass and loud sounds. They sound like a stream of water, their song resembles that of the nightingales. The characteristics of this bird is that it is robust, domestic, excellent breeder and easy to rear.

In their reproduction, there are not many secrets to discover, since they are fantastic players and you can get them to have young easily, without much effort. You just have to put a male and a female in the same cage, with a good nest, give them the necessary food and in a short time necessarily young.

Canary Malinois food

The canaries eat mainly of seed mixtures that are: canaryseed, nabina, peeled oats, rapeseed, small flaxseed, reeds, negrillo, radish seed, vitamin granules. In our shop you will find a good selection of seed mix at a good price.

Video song of Canarian malinois or waterslager

Photos of canary malinois

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  1. Max H MeyerApril 25, 2020 at 9:53 pmReply

    I would like to buy a young singing male waterslager. Please email or call me . Email is Tel nr.661-265-7840. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, Max

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