Canary lizard

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This canary lizard is a breed of English canary, has a very characteristic and colorful plumage. He was raised in France and later brought to England. For a long time it was only raised in Britain, where it was in danger of extinction because of the two world wars.

Canary lizard yellow specks black

Size and plumage of this beautiful canary

The length of this canary is 12 to 13 centimeters, the shape of its body is that of the common canary.

The plumage is thick, thin, dark and with a second layer of feathers of scaly design on the back between sharper and well aligned better. This breed of canary has stripes on the chest and on the flanks. At the top of the head it has yellow coloring which can be partial or total. It is a bird with two colors, usually can be yellow with black specks or grayish brown with white-silver spots. The optimal ageing of this bird is to mate a specimen of intense plumage with another of snowy plumage. At birth presents dark feathers, trying to look for good specimens with the color white, blue or red that are difficult to obtain.

The Canary Lizard, a colorful and beautiful bird

The song of the lizard canary is bright and very pleasant, as is that of the common canary. It is a rustic bird, robust, vivacious, domestic and good breeder very easy to breed. It is also quiet and strong with which to enter the breeding of birds. It feeds on any seeds but if a mixture is advised for better feeding.

Video song of the canary lizard

pictures of canary lizard

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