Canary Lancashire

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In the United Kingdom, more specifically in Lancashire, the Lancashire canary, obtained from the Dutch and bossu crosses, was raised. During the first world war his birth began to decline and for a time it was considered extinct, thanks to the efforts of the breeders they got the breed again.

Yellow Lancashire Canary

Size and physical appearance

It measures about 22 centimeters, is a bird of considerable size so we recommend having aviary. Snowy plumage males tend to measure more. Upright, his head is larger and brings a bun that falls on the beak and eyes without getting to cover them. The legs are of normal size, the tail is quite thick and long just like its body. It is very difficult to breed as it is the result of several hereditary crosses and taras.

Its feathers are recharged and long light yellow. In the contests were more valued the specimens of light tone and dark bow, causing the problem that the quality of the plumage waned, being necessary to cross birds with bun and without it because in reproduction is indispensable.

Song of the Lancashire Canary

Poor in singing but regardless of whether it is a canary of posture and wrist, more physical appearance was sought than singing. Below is a video of the lancashire singing.

Photos of canary lancashire

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    Love it were do you live?

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  2. YunusJune 11, 2020 at 9:47 pmReply

    guten tag ich will ein paar Lancashire kanarienvƶgel kaufen farben gelb und weiss
    ich lebe in der schweiz

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