Canary gloster

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The canary gloster is a breed that was obtained from a small crested cross with the harzer and the border. The gloster name comes from an English county where this bunted bird was raised.

Canary gloster

Gloster feature

The length of this bird is less than 11.5 centimeters, so it is one of the smaller canaries next to the fancy fife. In this breed the most important feature is that it is as small as possible. It is a rounded canary, with wings very attached to the body and thin legs. It is included as a canary of position and crest, so its two great characteristics is that it is a small canary and has a bow.

This canary is domestic, rustic, robust, prolific and optimal breeding, making it an easy canary to breed. But difficult to obtain specimens of perfect characteristics. The specimens are always paired with a crest with another without a crest.

Feathers, colors and singing

The plumage of this bird is silky, strong and attached to the body. This breed is divided into two categories the main one that has bow is called gloster crown, and the one that has no gloster consort. The bow of this breed is small and without covering the eyes, has an elliptical or oval shape. The specimens with light and uniform plumage, with only the dark bun are highly appreciated by the growers.

The main colors of its feathers are: yellow, white, emerald green and yellowish white. The song is sweet, melodious and has little to envy of the singing canaries, but it has little importance being a canary of position and moƱudo.

Breeding of gloster canaries

The gloster canary are simple and docile canaries to care for and reproduce, but in these small animals, because they are so small, if there was a defect, it stands out much more than in other birds, because in large birds the defects can be significantly hidden. If you are raising these birds or want them to compete, you have to do much more in their care, if not while the birds are well fed, healthy, hydrated and well cared for. You know if your bird is happy for its happy song.

gloster canary calf

If you are going to breed Glosters, you should give him a vitamin E supplement twice a week. Separate pairs of glosters into breeding cages. You must be careful, because the Glosters have many springs, so if you see that they are in excess, you must eliminate the excesses with small cuts the springs located in the area of ā€‹ā€‹the sewer, otherwise, fertilization will not cause the male not to reach the female well, and we will have a clutch of empty eggs. On the other hand, if your specimen with a crown is female and your eyes are almost completely covered, then you should also cut the eyelashes so that you can see the young and care for and feed them properly.

Video song of the canary gloster

Photos of gloster canaries

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