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Grit for canaries

Food and water contain mineral substances, but not in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of the domestic canary. To give minerals to the canaries, we put at your free disposal a container with natural earth adding beach sand. The canaries ingest both the earth and the sand, not only to obtain their mineral substances,Continue reading

Canary poppy seed

The red poppy produces very small blue-gray bird seeds that look like a kidney. But the white ones give rise to a cream-colored seed that is preferred by most birds, more than anything, by granivorous boys. However, it is necessary to avoid supplying it in excess, since it stimulates the retention of liquids and causesContinue reading

 Birdseed for canary

The birdseed is an annual grass, winter-spring development. Originally from the Mediterranean area, it is cultivated for the production of grains in temperate temperate worldwide. It is a diploid class, predominantly autogamous, our production practices, requirements and cultivation period, resemble those of other winter cereals such as wheat and barley. It is considered a realContinue reading

Chicory for canaries

Seeds rich in beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium and potassium. With a high proportion of vitamin B2 and vitamin A, it helps the digestive system function properly and have tonic properties. Recommended for all songbirds, especially for wildlife. Seeds that contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive system and with tonic properties. Analytical components are: ProteinContinue reading