Canary crested

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The crested canary is a norwich with bun and small differences as a type of plumage that is longer and less attached. There are two types of variety the crest that is moƱudo and the crest-bred with smooth head.

Canary crested yellow

Canaries most valued by their bun

This bird is a canary of position and bow, the dimension and conformation of the bun is greatly valued. The length is between 16 and 17 centimeters, it is similar to that of norwich, but a little more elongated. The plumage is very thick, composed of very long feathers and less fine than that of the Norwich Canary. The bow should not be too big or too small. The crest–bred, which lacks a bow, should have very bushy sore eyebrows and abundance of wide, long feathers on the head.

The color of the feathers is light-tinted and uniform throughout the body, with dark bun feathers. His singing is fresh, cheerful and sonorous, like that of crested canary. It’s a domestic bird, quiet, docile and sociable. The crested is not prolific and difficult to rear. It is very difficult to obtain specimens with the perfect bun. The correct mating is the one between a specimen with a bow and a bowless one.

Images of the crested canary

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