Canary bossu

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The Bossu canary also called the Belgian Hunchback was created in Belgium. It was a bird widely used to breed other important breeds of canaries such as the scotch fancy. A canary that was almost considered extinct, but thanks to the efforts of Dutch, French and Belgian cannibals, this canary was repopulated. It is a canary that lives 7 to 10 years of life.

Canary bossu

The Canary with silhouette of 7

The length of this bird is 18 centimeters. The head is small and oval and is supported by a long, thin, trembling neck in the shape of 7. The shoulders are positioned above the head. The legs are long and the tail falling downwards.

The plumage is smooth and very attached to the body. The usual color of this bird is yellow, although you can find canaries of different colors. Its singing is scarce but as it is a canary of posture has little relevance. The bossu is delicate, very unprolfious and lousy, which makes it necessary to resort to a nurse. It is advisable that breeders have experience in breeding canaries, because this breed is difficult to breed.

Video song of the canary bossu

Photos of canary bossu

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