Canary border fancy

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This bird, well known in the United Kingdom, is called canary serin. Later the English called it common canary, it is a well-known canary in Britain.

Canary border fancy green

Features of this canario posture

Its length is about 14 centimeters, it looks a lot like the Saxon canary. It has a more rounded head and its position is semi-erect. The plumage is fine, silky, luminous and attached to the body. The colors of this canary are varied: yellow, green, green-grass, white-snow, yellowish white and many more.

The song of the border fancy is melodious and strong just like that of the Saxon canary, although what is valued by this bird is the posture. From everything said so far it seems that we are talking about a common canary with some differences. It is a robust bird, rustic, vivacious, domestic, prolific and good breeder.

The border fancy is a good canary reproduces easily, is productive and good player, so it does not require special care. Chickens are usually born of good quality, most of them suitable for canariculture exposures.

Food with seeds and vegetables

A good mix of seeds for this canary is: birdseed, ajenuz, panizo, rapeseed, cane, thistle and flaxseed. This mix is generally good for non-singing canaries. Vegetables are very important for the growth of the canary, the most important being lettuce and escarole.

Video song of border fancy

Images of the border fancy canary

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