Canary sand

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The sand in the cages of the canaries serves for greater hygiene, so that the birds will avoid many diseases.

Sanibird – Bird Sand (375g) (Varied)

Highly absorbent sand with rosemary aroma, keeps the canaries’ cage clean. Stimulates respiratory function of birds.

Living World Gravel Paper, 8 Inches x 13 Inches (8/Pack)

Pre-cut gravel paper. Gritty surface helps trim bird claws. Simplifies cage cleaning and maintenance. When ingested, grit helps crop digestion 8 pack; Measures 8 inches long x 13 inches wide.

Hartz Universal Limestone Gravel Paper Bird Cage Liners – 9 Pack

Safe, efficient and sanitary method to keep your pet bird’s claws trimmed. Includes 9, 11″x15″ liners that can be cut to fit any size cage. Contains grit to aid in digestion.

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