Canary poppy seed

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The red poppy produces very small blue-gray bird seeds that look like a kidney. But the white ones give rise to a cream-colored seed that is preferred by most birds, more than anything, by granivorous boys. However, it is necessary to avoid supplying it in excess, since it stimulates the retention of liquids and causes the bowel movements to be much more liquid. The nutrients of the poppy are Proteins 15% Fibers 39% Fat 2%.

The poppy seed is very rich in fatty substances, on the other hand we talk about a seed that is not used for its nutritional characteristics but because of the effect it has on the bird. Like other seeds with effects on the nervous system, very moderate use has a calming effect on altered or stressed birds. Administered in slightly higher doses, on the other hand, it allows the bird to enter a state of greater activity, with a greater willingness to sing.

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