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Canary jaspe

It is a remarkable dilution of the melanic structure, both black and brown. With what the drawing of melanin strokes, are reduced to thin veins of dark melanins called jaspered, of a metallic color, which is maintained along the rachis and on the edge of the feathers of the whole back or mantle, the dilution takes place from the rachis of the pen towards the contour of it in all its directions, offering a nice contrast. The rachis of the coverts is therefore dark, unlike that of the T-shirts and rudders that by the dilution is clear. The subfeatherises are the color of the variety, just like in the classic canaries. It is inheritable and transmissible so we must consider the new character as a mutation.

Photos of Canarianjas jaspe


Canary Jasper black red european champion of Jasper Torremolinos Jasper

Canary Jaspe Green Mosaic Female

Canary breed jasper Bruno intense yellow

Jasper DD

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