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One of the most important characteristics of the Canaries is the song. There are many people who participate in singing competitions of this exotic bird. Besides being beautiful and having a very colorful color diversification, they can sing very well. Canaries can learn to sing better if they are trained. We are not saying that it is an easy task because many factors come into play, but we will try to explain how you can teach your canary to sing.


What does it take to raise a champion singing canary?

To make champions singing Canaries, we will focus on two very important points. The first is the genotype, that is, the genetic information or the DNA of our canary. To obtain a good genotype of a canary that sings, proper mating and selection processes are usually performed until the correct DNA of a master canary is obtained.

Once we have a DNA line that we think is a teacher (or if we do not want to do the mating and we prefer to buy a canary from a specialist), it is necessary to perform the process of learning the song with the male canaries. There are several ways for a canary to learn to sing. One of them is to gather the chicken with adult canaries with good singing, so that they learn.


Canaries singing, Champions of Spain in Talavera 2010 teams

1st of SPAIN and 2nd of the WORLD, Almeria 2012. Canary Yellow Lipochrome

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