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If you are interested in acquiring knowledge about canaries, it is ideal to buy a good book that informs you about its wonderful culture.

Canary Crazy: How To Keep, Breed, & Care For Canaries

Dig deep into Canariculture with this collection of Robirda’s canary-care articles, newly updated and edited, with new material added to complete the book’s usefulness as a reference and resource. Part One covers canary caging, care, and feeding, while Part Two delves into health and preventative health maintenance. Part Three expands on the ins and outs of breeding canaries, from preparing for the breeding season, to dealing with common problems, and more. Offering 370 pages of intensive canariculture insight, this is a book not to be missed by any lover of canaries.

Canary As Pets: Canary breeding, diet, cages, singing, where to buy, cost, health, lifespan, types, and more covered!

When you hear the word “canary” you probably think of a cheery, bright yellow bird. While this image is by no means inaccurate, canaries actually come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shapes. Canaries are very popular pets because they are very beautiful and the males of the species sing lovely songs. If you are thinking about keeping a canary as a pet, you would be wise to learn as much about the species as you can – that is where this book comes into play.

The Practical Canary Handbook: A Guide to Breeding & Keeping Canaries

Whether you are a first time pet owner or an experienced breeder, this is the one reference you need on your bookshelf! This book was written to provide novice canary fanciers with the practical, detailed information needed to be successful in caring for and breeding all types of canaries. Containing valuable information on canary selection, feeding, housing, health, breeding, and more, The Practical Canary Handbook is a truly unique guide to caring for these beautiful creatures. Special attention is given to the American Singer canary, which is one of the most popular breeds in the United States today.

The Canary Handbook

Fundamentals of Color Genetics in Canaries: Reproduction and Control

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