Avian smallpox in Canary bird

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The first sign of this will be respiratory problems. The infected bird will sit with its beak open, breathing very fast. When the infection has settled, there will be marks similar to scabs on the skin of the bird and yellow ulcerations in the mouth. The canary must withdraw from his cage mates as soon as possible; Although most outbreaks cause the death of several birds, such is the speed with which it spreads.


The treatment of the cutaneous form consists of removing the lesions and healing with previous and subsequent washings of sodium bicarbonate or iodine solution of Lugol. The supply of vitamin A helps the regeneration of the skin. They have the possibility of using anti-inflammatory creams, against stinging and healing. The treatment of bacterial infections can be treated, after culture and antibiogram, with specific antibiotics. Care should be taken so that the treatment does not spread the infection to other parts of the body or spread to other birds.

The eyes are rinsed with 1-2% saline. In the internal manifestations the diphtheria membranes must be removed and the lesions cleaned. Iodine solution of Lugol, or 15% solution of argirol, or otherwise, medicines containing carboxisulfamidacrisoidine or nuevoarsenobenzole can be used, and keep the ambient temperature warm.

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