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The wormwood, also known as nigella sativa, or kalonji by its Indian name, is a plant native to the eastern Mediterranean whose cultivation has been extended to India for centuries. Where its seed is used as a spice in a wide variety of recipes. This seed, black and triangular in color, has a high fat content, so if we roast it in a pan to get all its taste we will see how it releases some of those oils.

It is not a species that can be found easily in Spain (except in Cocinista.es). However, it is commonly used in India where in addition to the preparation of curries, or legumes, it is also used in the preparation of some common breads such as naan.

The taste of the wormwood reminds of pepper, although it is very bitter, so we should use it in moderation and predominantly in dishes that incorporate sweetness. In fact, another use of the absinthe seed is the preparation of liquors and sweets and goodies.


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