Complementary foods for canaries

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There are two types of complementary foods for canaries that are: fresh vegetables (fruits and vegetables) and protein and calorific foods (nuts, egg biscuits and hard-boiled egg).

Among the fresh vegetables you can find: lettuce, chicory, spinach, endives, escarole and cabbage. It is important that they are well washed to eliminate any other antiparasitic and well-dried chemicals, so we make sure that no traces of chemicals remain in the water. Among fresh vegetables are recommended: carrot, cucumber, beans, peas, ripe tomato, broccoli, etc.


It is very important to give a little raw onion so that the canary is in good health. Garlic or lemon is also important for disinfecting the drinking water of canaries. An indispensable fruit for canaries is the apple that must be changed every day.

Fruits should be ripe and sugary, we recommend cherries, plums, oranges, strawberries, figs, apricots, bananas, pears, kiwis, chumbo figs, nisperos, grapes, watermelons and melons.


As nuts raisins, dried figs, dates and nuts are highly recommended.


Hard-boiled egg and egg sponge are protein foods particularly pleasing to canaries. It is ideal to place half a hard-boiled egg with its shell at the disposal of the bird, as they obtain calcium by pecking the shell.

hard-boiled egg
Hard egg

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