Choice of breeding canaries

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To choose a good pair of breeding canaries, the most important thing is that the birds have good health, especially the female. As for the age for the reproduction of the canaries, the ideal is that they are more than 1 year old.

choice of breeding canaries

The male and female must be at ease together, so you have to observe that they feed each other, that they do not fight, that they are noticed in communicado. It is not appropriate to combine two canaries with the same defect.

Canaries in reproducive conditions

While the male sings in full force, the female prepared for incubation presents the belly a little plucked, swollen and yellowish. Females with a sloping reddish abdomen and that show the bluish hue inside should be excluded from reproduction because it is easy that they either do not lay eggs or fail to carry out the young.

Distinguishing male female canary

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